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LifeGate Worldwide is devoted to the rapid spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ by partnering with biblically equipped pastors to plant strong, local churches in their own countries.

By working with trusted seminaries and proven Christian leaders around the world, LifeGate can ensure that the pastors we support hold an unwavering commitment to the Bible, the written Word of God. Because LifeGate pastors preach and teach sound doctrine…

…they plant strong churches in the communities they serve. As God’s people are taught sound doctrine, the church grows to healthy maturity: It is able to both sustain itself by supporting its own pastor and to reproduce itself by planting other churches.

Finally, LifeGate supports pastors who serve in their own countries.
By God’s grace, over 200 years of missionary labor has produced a generation of national evangelists and pastors across the globe who are equipped and ready to minister to their own people.

The advantages of supporting national pastors are many:
Nationals are able to preach and teach in their own language and culture and in a style that fits their community. As citizens of their countries, nationals can work in areas that are restricted to westerners, and they can serve without fear of losing a visa during times of political instability.

It’s also good financial stewardship as national pastors are able to live on and serve with far less than their western counterparts. In some countries the national to western cost ratio is as high as 30:1.

Our Mission


We run projects in 5 countries in 3 contintents