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The Poverty of Wealth

iStock-909179786_800x800.pngSwitzerland is known for its unsurpassed beauty. Its soaring Alps, stunning deep glacial valleys, and shimmering lakes have captured the hearts of everyone who has traveled there. Without doubt, Switzerland's natural beauty is a magnificent display of God's glory.

But interest in God Himself is on the decline. While Switzerland leads the world with the highest density of millionaires, the Swiss are detaching themselves from the Reformation faith of their fathers in growing numbers, leaving their country spiritually impoverished.

The Swiss Church as a whole has lost its voice in an increasingly secularized culture. Martin Manten, founding pastor of Hope & Light Church and Dean of the European Bible Training Center Zürich, states what he sees as the damaging forces that threaten existing churches: "Postmodern ideologies have robbed our churches of clear biblical guidelines and structure, disabling the Church to fulfill her calling to be salt and light in this world…. Efforts by the 'evangelical alliance' encourage a theological leveling— the lines are blurred and the ecumenical movement is spreading like wild fire." The remedy? "Now is the time to plant strong, biblically sound churches in Switzerland," he says.

Pray for Swiss people to understand the futility of temporal wealth and turn their eyes to God above, the Giver of eternal riches. Pray for Christ to renew and strengthen His Church in Switzerland. Finally, pray that Christ would send an army of church planting pastors who are faithful to Scripture and equipped to declare the gospel in clarity and boldness.

Source: Joshua Project - Fintech News Switzerland - Swissinfo.ch: Swiss Keep Religion at a Distance

Population 8.5 million — No religious affiliation 20% — Broad/Detached religious affiliation 60% — Evangelical Christian 4%

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