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Strengthening the Church by growing the believer.

Churches become stronger when congregations are equipped through a systematic study of God’s Word.
If you are local to the Saint Paul-Minneapolis area and desire significant growth in your understanding of Scripture, our intensive Bible Survey class may be for you.

What is Bible Survey?

Bible Survey is a 10-month seminary level Bible study program designed to deepen the student’s understanding of the biblical texts and their relevancy to life and ministry in our time. Students will gain an overview of the Old Testament (39 books from Genesis to Malachi) and of the New Testament (27 books from Matthew to Revelation) with an emphasis on the central statements of each book. Students will also learn about literary form, structure, and historical and geographical backgrounds.

Our Goals

  1. To identify and examine the main theme of each biblical book, viewing it within the context of the entire Bible.

  2. To better understand how God’s plan of salvation is progressively revealed throughout Scripture, particularly through the covenants.

  3. To expose the student to essential background information: author, date, genre, historical context, geographical context, etc.

  4. To instill a greater reverence and love for the inspired and authoritative word of God in the student.

  5. To motivate the student to greater worship of God, expressed through joy, peace, service, holiness, and prayer.

What is required?

Chapter Summaries
Within a 10 month period, students will read each book of the Bible and create a 5-7-word summary for every chapter. Chapter titles should answer the question: What is the content of this chapter?

Book Summaries
In addition to the chapter titles, students will also write a 1,500 word summary of each book. Book summaries should answer the question: What is the most important content of the book?

Seminar Attendance
Each student will be required to attend one weekend seminar each month comprised of a 2 hour practical theology session (Friday evening) and a 6 hour session (Saturday) covering the books read during that month. The weekend seminars, equivalent to 80 semester hours of education, are geared to provide in depth instruction, foster discussion, and answer questions for the equipping and edification of each student. 

Final Project
The student will choose one of the following two options:

  1. Write a paper tracing the development of God’s plan of salvation— the scarlet thread of the gospel— through all relevant Scripture texts from Genesis to Revelation (5-7 pages). 
  2. Create a lesson plan for a Bible study from a New Testament book of your choice, focusing on communicating the content of the book to those attending your study.

Learning Assessment
Each student will be provided with a trained tutor who will work directly with the student to assess and grade work, answer questions, and give help when needed.

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