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Russia in the Shadows

preview-full-47 Russian Man.jpg“In 1920, Herbert Wells wrote a book entitled Russia in the Shadows. A century has passed since that book's release. Yet this great country—the largest country by land mass in the world—still waits for spiritual daybreak. Our country ranks among the highest in the world both in the number of martyrs for the faith and in number of abortions, alcoholics, and drug addicts…. Utter despair fills the hearts of millions. Nothing but the Word of God can dissipate the darkness of sin and give hope. Heralds of this Word are as vital to life as oxygen. And yet how few are their number.”  Name Withheld

Today, religious freedom in Russia is on the decline. Former U.S. ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman stated, “…It’s very difficult and troubling…. We’re not only seeing religious organizations shut down, we’re seeing individual members who are punished for their religious beliefs.”  2016 anti-terrorism laws limiting evangelism to within church walls has had a devastating impact on Russian evangelicals as they face liquidation, financial blacklisting, and criminal prosecution for openly sharing their faith.

Pray for courage for the church in Russia and her leaders. Pray that God would continue to raise up bold heralds of His Word for the glory of Christ.

Source: Joshua Project

Population 144,000,000 — Evangelical Christian 1.46% — Ethnic people groups 180 — Unreached 65%

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