Pastor Victor

Victor is a graduate of the Samara Center for Biblical Training, and has helped plant and pastor a vibrant church in the Moscow Region since 2010. Victor’s ministry is focused on evangelism, discipleship, and biblical counseling. He is supported by his wife, Katya, and two children.

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Ministry Profile

teaching-biblical-counseling_800x800.pngThe Moscow Region numbers over 20 million and includes the city and its surrounding area. Although Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, it has perhaps the lowest number of evangelical churches per capita for a city its size. Victor was drawn to plant a church committed to the clear and bold exposition of Scripture. 

Victor writes: “There was no vivid example of a church passionately committed to the Scriptures, with expository preaching at the center, and a big heart for evangelism. 

“We are at war. We struggle, along with millions of other believers around the world, for the souls of others. But this city is an exceptional city of cynicism, materialism, and depravity. Therefore, hold us up in prayer. May many come to bend the knee now before Christ.


I grew up in a large Christian family where the worship of God was our regular practice. My father and mother were wonderful examples of servants of God and sacrificial living. Despite this wonderful context, I quickly learned as a child how to live the life of a Pharisee. It was only when I was 16 years old that the Lord moved me to study the Gospel of Mark and showed me my utter sinfulness. It was at that moment when He changed my heart and the process of life transformation began. 

Immediately after my repentance the Lord began giving me opportunities to serve Him. …I started serving in my church’s youth ministry, where I eventually served as pastor for several years. In 1999 I joined with three other believing men to plant a new church in the Samara region. I served there for eight years as the youth pastor and one of the regular preachers. 

As I served in ministry the Lord brought Katya across my path. The rest is history! We’ve been married now for almost over 20 years! And God has blessed us with two beautiful children, one son and one daughter.


Dear brothers and sisters, greetings from the Moscow Region, heart of Russia. On behalf of our entire church, and our family in particular, we sincerely thank you for your support and the prayers you constantly offer…. The Lord has fulfilled all our spiritual and physical needs. We see His lovingly hand through your care for us and your devoted friendship with us. Therefore, we heartily thank Him for your participation in our ministry.

  • Pray for my family and me that I would lead my family well as we serve Christ. The demands of ministry are many and require a great amount of energy and emotion. My ministry would be very difficult if my wife did not support me. But I praise God that she understands that ministry always requires great sacrifice. She also understands it brings great blessings when we see the conversion and spiritual growth of people. Pray for her as she takes care of the home and tends to our children’s needs. 
  • Pray please, for our children, that the Lord will grant them transformation of the heart so that they can humble themselves before God and recognize Him as their Savior. I ask you to pray about myself that I have wisdom not to irritate when our son consciously resists his parents, but instead would humbly direct God’s truth to his heart.
  • Pray that I would grow in holiness. I ask you to pray that the Lord will give me the strength to overcome the sinful attempts to defend my importance. I see how God reveals this character trait in my behavior and attitude towards people, and I understand that it is necessary to deal with this seriously. 
  • Please pray for my counseling ministry. I try to help people in our church who want to grow in counseling that they will be able to apply their knowledge in practice and will get correction in proper time. I need to organize such studying.

  • Please pray for the four interns that our elder's council entrusted to me: Denis, Dmitry, Andrew, and Elisey. Pray that my care for these brothers is effective and influences them.

  • Pray that I will be able to organize ministry in the Crisis Pregnancy Centre. We desire many women to call for help to our believing consultants. Also, pray that we can spread the word further for a rafting trip next year so that we could take with more unbelievers. We want at least half the people there to be unbelievers.