Cornerstone Church Berlin


A new church plant is never easy! There is so much to do and seemingly not enough hands at any given moment. We are seeing first hand how the Lord grows His church and has allowed us to grow in the process. But we have been so blessed and encouraged through so many people who started this church plant along with us and also so many new brothers and sisters in Christ who have become part of our family and you who have prayed for us. God is so good in leading every step of the way. He builds His church in the way and time that is perfect.

The Eckstein Church (Cornerstone) in Berlin-Friedrichshain is located at the heart of former East Berlin. The first congregational meeting was held on September 18, 2016. The 50 some members all share the vision to take the gospel of Christ to the heart of Berlin. Most members are from a German or Russian-German background but a few people from the US, South Africa, Ukraine, Austria, Philippines, Albania, India and Italy have also joined the church. 

The church is closely related to the European Bible Training Center (EBTC) as they share the same office space and most of the pastors also teach at the EBTC. The church benefits from the network of the EBTC in that they can maintain and deepen their relationships with other churches throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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As the church is growing in number and faith, they realize more and more the need to become a self-supporting and autonomous church.

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The Cornerstone Team

Christian Andresen

Christian graduated from the Logos Bible Institute and the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles. He has served in Grace Community Church and the Evangeliums-Christengemeinde Berlin-Hellersdorf. He was one of the founders of Cornerstone Berlin where he now serves as Family and Counseling Pastor. 

Christian also serves as president of the EBTC and is regional director for The Master’s Academy International in Europe. He is married to Sheryl; they have four grown-up children.

Marco Bartholomä

At the EBTC, Marco completed the Bible Survey, Expository Preaching and Biblical Counseling courses. He then earned his M.Div. from the Master’s Seminary in California, at the same time obtaining a certification with The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Back in Germany, he was actively involved in youth ministry and teaching in the Evangeliums-Christengemeinde Berlin-Hellersdorf until he was sent out as a church planter of the Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin where he now serves as Teaching Pastor and Pastor of Administration.

At EBTC, Marco is responsible for the Master’s Program and the organization of conferences. He is married to Katrina; they have four children (Gabriel, Kaleb, Isabelle, and Nathan).

Nick Kalena

Nick heard the gospel from a volunteer youth worker at a church in San Clemente, CA, and came to saving faith when he was 14 years old. Just a couple years later he became very interested in ministry, especially expository preaching and Bible teaching. That interest developed through serving in the local church and through his studies at the Moody Bible Institute and The Masters Seminary. In 2009 he learned about the EBTC. His interest in training center ministry and church planting led Nick, Jodi, and their six children to move to Berlin in 2014. He is currently the director of the counseling program at the EBTC and serves as Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship at Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin.


  • We thank God that the church is growing spiritually.
  • We praise God for faithful leaders. Please pray for wisdom as they guide the church that’s set in a very liberal environment (both within and outside the church in Berlin).
  • Over the past few months, the church has faced some spiritual attacks. We thank God for His protection and pray for wisdom.
  • We would like to appoint a number of deacons by the end of this year. Please pray for faithful servants.
  • We would like to put a greater focus on evangelism. Please pray for the church and those we are trying to reach. Please pray for our ministry among the Islamic community.
  • Please pray for the young families and wisdom in parenting.