“How long will all of you attack a man to batter him, like a leaning wall, a tottering fence?….
For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him….
Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

Psalm 62 excerpts

Relief for Ukraine

Thank you, LifeGate supporters, for your generous donations toward Ukraine relief. Below is a summary of our progress. It is an honor to witness Christ using His church to minister to people in great suffering and need. Also a special thanks to our European partners on the ground, EBTC and MIWC.


The Transport Van

We were able to send $13,000 to help purchase a van the Ukrainians will use to transport supplies across the country.

ukraine-relief-transport-van.jpg ukraine-relief-transport-men-loading-supplies.jpg


Words of thanks to LifeGate from Vitaliy:vitaly-video-cover-image.png


The remainder of your donations have gone directly to humanitarian aid. We purchased 4 generators, battery packs, fast chargers, and 100 sleeping bags. On one trip in early May, the van was loaded with food, medicine, and critical supplies, then driven to the Kherson region in southern Ukraine. In addition, a thirteen-member medical team held a two-day clinic to care for people who had not received medical care for months.




To give context to the needs in this area, the Kherson region is located on the northern border of Crimea, the state annexed by Russia in 2014. In March of 2022, Russian forces invaded and occupied the Kherson Region, including the small town and farming community of Velyke Oleksandrivka. Seven months later, the Ukrainians were able to regain control of their territory but not before its people witnessed untold destruction, demolished homes, ruined livelihoods, and a mass burial site on the edge of town.

Where Russia has been and is now gone, there is openness to the gospel message. People who have seen death and destruction are needing hope— hope only found in Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying for the courageous witness of God’s people and the salvation of many. And thank you for your kind generosity.

Source: RadioFreeEurope: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere': The High Price Of Resistance In Ukraine's Kherson Region; November 15, 2022


  • For the Ukrainian people living under devastating loss, trauma, and an increasingly ruined homeland. Many cities are without electricity, groceries, or pharmacies, forcing families to escape by foot. Pray that God would strengthen His Church with courage and compassion as they spread the gospel. 2 Thessalonians 3:1. Pray that the faith of God’s people will not fail. They need strength and courage as they shelter in Christ.

  • For the drivers' safe passage as they deliver food, medicine, gas generators, stoves, bibles, and gospel literature to and through Ukraine to the hardest hit areas. Pray for endurance.

  • For the millions of refugees now in Europe, that God’s people would continue to welcome and serve them with open arms.

  • For the believers in Russia, some of whom we know personally. Our brothers and sisters are almost, completely cut off from financial support and contact with other believers. Most payment options no longer work as everything has been disconnected. There are still some ways to work around these sanctions but it is difficult.

  • Thank God for the global church's financial resources and the bibles and gospel literature pouring into Ukraine. Pray that God will use His word and the witness of His people to save many.

Thank You Brothers & Sisters for Standing with Us


Relief Support Update – 2022theo-youtube-cover-with-text.jpeg

God’s people amidst the crisis in Ukraine, Christian Andresen

April 25, 2022

From our partners in Berlin

We have been so encouraged to hear how the Lord is working in Ukraine these past few weeks!

This week we have sent another 12,000 kg of supplies and food, more than 1,000 bibles, books for new believers, and medicine. Our team spent about 4 hours praying with and encouraging the Ukrainian believers when they delivered the goods this week.

April 12-14, 2022

Good morning brothers and sisters! We are coming to the end of our biggest week yet. We are so thankful for how God has provided for us to serve the Ukrainian churches. We were able to send approximately 5,600 kg (approximately 12,300 lbs) of food and 6 boxes of medical supplies to Ukraine through your support and God’s providence.

The aid was sent to several areas in western Ukraine. Ukrainian believers are now taking the aid eastward in vans which we have donated to them— and so far, we have donated 4 vans to Ukrainian churches!
This coming week, we plan to deliver a pickup truck to Ukraine so they can drive supplies into areas where roads have been destroyed and traditional vehicles cannot drive. We’ll also send a total of 12,000 kg (approximately 26,500 lbs) of food, deliver two gasoline generators so the churches have emergency power, distribute gospel tracts, bibles, and new believer books with the food. We will have 30,000 tracts delivered on Wednesday!

A trailer we recently purchased allows even more food to be brought to Ukraine.

“This coming week will be the biggest week of orders and shipments we have done yet! We have the food to fill up the shipments and, thanks to your support, we’re able to purchase the food for the coming weeks.



From Pastor O* – West Ukraine 
“We took aid to brother E* who is church planting in Y* East Ukraine. It is a tourist city and they have many refugees from Mariupol and Harkiv. He is visiting them and distributing food. Next Sunday they will start their first church service in a new building.
Please pray for this church plant, that God would reach many unbelievers through this church!


April 4-8, 2022


From our partners in Berlin—

The situation in the war zones is very difficult. Some drivers have come under fire and it took several attempts before they were able to break through into one of the cities. 70% of C* has been destroyed. We are planning a delivery into that city soon. Our drivers managed to reach T* and were able to deliver a generator and gas stoves.

The church handed out over 200 bags of food and gospel tracts in the capital city G* and had multiple conversations about the gospel, inviting many to their church service on Sunday. Pray that many will come to church to hear the word of God.

Watch: A family of Ukrainian believers sheltering in Christ


March 30, 2022

“We received the sad news that 5 brothers in Christ died in Mariupol serving people in a bomb shelter, handing out food. Please pray for their wives and children. [shown below]




March 28, 2022

“Yesterday and today several drivers are again on the road within the war zones to bring food, literature, and medical supplies to the churches. In some cases, they can only get into towns by boat, because bridges have been bombed and all other roads are too dangerous….”

Watch: West Ukraine increasingly exposed to shelling:


March 19, 2022

“….Praise God for His mercy and provision in spite of all the challenges! Several brothers from the church… drove the aid into the perilous areas in the East. One driver was sent to a city which is all over the news these days and known for its precarious humanitarian situation and its massive destruction. We had not heard from Pastor I* and the church in days, so we were prepared for the worst. The driver was asked to look for them. God has answered our prayers! The families were found and will be evacuated to a different city tomorrow.” From Pastor O*

March 16, 2022

"Tomorrow morning, another sprinter van loaded with food and literature will depart for Ukraine…. Pray that many unbelievers will be reached with the gospel….” Among other goods, food, generators, and gas cookers are being delivered. Several churches are already without electricity and gas. Please pray for safe passage…. and that the relief supplies and the literature will strengthen the hearts of the believers.” From our partners, Berlin



March 15, 2022

"God has answered our prayers! The brother who met us in I*, West Ukraine, to receive the supplies has safely arrived in the East. He drove into a territory where there is heavy fighting. So safe passage was not something to be taken for granted. Some brothers who have undertaken similar trips before him never returned. These trips are extremely dangerous. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for these brothers who put their lives on the line to make these trips to the believers in war-torn territories.”

Thousands of Ukrainian gospel tracts and books are being distributed throughout the country


March 13, 2022

“The last two days have been difficult but it has been a joy to help the people who are suffering. Yesterday we received aid from Germany (1500 kg) and today we distributed it all. First, we distributed what was needed in our city and then we gave to individual families who are under our care…. This morning M* and a group of believers took relief supplies to an orphanage in the mountains housing 100 orphans from Kharkiv….”
From Pastor O* West Ukraine

Watch: Driver delivering supplies from Berlin passes fleeing refuges, Grenze Ukraine